Hidden Gems Broadcasting is headquartered in the City of Elms-Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. A non-commercial radio station, we rely on the support of our listeners and sponsors and countless musicians and volunteers to bring you consistently great indie music along with your stand by favorites. We concentrate on Country, Rock, Blues, Folk, Classical genres of music which includes the growing gaming industry sector.

There are several ways to contact HGB and its shows.

Hidden Gems Broadcasting Central

Individual Shows

Call the Station

Charges will depend on your individual plan that you have with your service provider. This is a Canadian number. 902-932-7074


Q: Can I listen in my car? 

A:  if you have a mobile device and a really great data package (Canada) and free data( USA) you can listen in your vehicle via bluetooth or through an AUX cord attached to phone. Concerned about Data Usage? Here are some facts to help you decide WHEN and HOW MUCH to listen on your data package if your in your vehicle. “320kbps rate translates to 2.40 MB per minute of audio or 115.2 MB per hour. So if you were to stream music for an entire eight hour work day, you’d burn nearly 1 GB”  We broadcast at have that rate 192kbps  which would be 57.6 MB/hour on HGB. For 1 GB of data use, on nothing but the radio station, that would give you 17.5 hrs of listening!  This will give you a basic idea how much data you will use streaming using data. Its really not that bad! But choose wisely especially if you are using your data for other purposes such as streaming video. NOW YOU KNOW! No surprises.

Q: I keep getting a repeat show, or its just repeating a loop in my browser or my app. 

A:   Step 1-Refresh the page Player is Looping old shows: Resolved? If no then

Step 2- Clear Browsing history in the browser you are using. Shut down browser, open it back up. Make sure you are listening off the link hgb.myl2mr.com

Can’t Get player to play: 1: Clear Browsing History 2. Close Browser 3. Reopen browser and player

If these steps do not work it is possible that the server is temporarily off air on the shoutcast end. It usually isn’t off for very long. Typical time is 10-15 minutes.

The same applies for the app. You can clean your cache by tapping the circle tool on the top left of the app. Then tap ” clear cache”. When you download the app, enable push notifications. That will help you to know when your favorite show is airing. Sometimes there are schedule changes.




Atlantic Canada's Favorite Online Station hgb.myl2mr.com

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