Meet Taw Connors- Canadian Singer Songwriter, Son of Stompin Tom Connors


Carla’s Country Mile has had the privilege to have this initial written interview with Taw Connors. We will be speaking to him LIVE on Carla’s Country Mile on September 21st on the air .   The show starts at 9PM Atlantic Time. We start the interview after 9PM to give people a chance to tune in. Here is what Taw had to say in our short blog interview. 

(CCM) Tell us a little about yourself. We know that you are the son of Stompin Tom Connors, a Canadian icon in music. But who is Taw Connors aside from his son?

(TC) Yes I’m the son of Stompin’ Tom Connors, I’m also a family man, Married with 2 children. Following my father’s footsteps has always been one of my dreams. I also enjoy writing songs and playing guitar. I live in Greenstone, Ontario and I have worked many jobs over the years to support my family. I also enjoy the odd Moosehead beer and I’m a hacker in Golf

(CCM) When did you begin to tour full time? Have you been to the east Coast of Canada yet? Are there any plans of a tour out this way?

(TC) I only began touring in September 2016. I have not toured in the East  Coast yet, but I plan to tour there in 2018 or 2019 depending on the  booking calls I receive. I’m starting to take bookings calls or Emails  in November to plan the 2018  37-Song and Story tribute tour. I can be  reached at for information or bookings.

(CCM) How has the industry changed from your father’s time until now? What  changes good and not so good have you witnessed or experienced?

(TC) I will try and give you an answer for this, but I have just started in One of the positive changes are with social media for  advertising and promotion from the fans themselves, The news can travel much faster. As for the negative I would have to say the cost  of traveling expenses and the cost of living expenses in regards to  the ratio of the pay, because everything is so expensive.

(CCM) Did you ever play publicly with your father when he was active in the scene? If so, can you share some of your favorite memories of those times?

(TC) No I never had the opportunity to play with my father publicly.

(CCM) How do you approach song writing?

(TC) Sometimes it’s the lyrics that comes first, and other times it’s the melody, but once the idea comes for a song, if you can, it’s better to  try and complete it in the moment if possible, because it’s not always  possible.

(CCM) As a song writer myself, I often will include a couple  of Stompin Tom songs in my sets. I feel it important that we remember  what he gave all of us as listeners and aspiring artists. What are  some of your favorite songs that your dad wrote and how did they touch you?

(TC) In my mind and heart I feel my father had a Destiny and Remembering my  father and his Legacy is one of the reasons I’m doing this tour. Well I’m also a huge fan like most of us are in our country.  It’s very hard for me to pick a favorite song because I enjoy most of  all of his songs, and just when I think I found my favorite song of  his, here comes another one of his songs. I like pretty well  everything about my fathers songs , but what I like best is why he  sang about his country and his people.

(CCM) We will be having an special on air interview in the coming weeks so I will save some questions for that time. But in closing for today, where will you be touring in the next 4 weeks? Where can folks see you?

(TC) These are the remaining tour dates and places so far up to this point for 2017.

Henzall Ontario on Saturday Sept 23.

Fort Frances Ontario, Couchiching 1st Nation on Sept.

Erin Ontario on Monday October 09.




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