Local Musician Justin Bannister on HGB

Justin will be live on the air Carla’s Country Mile Thursday September 14th. Show starts at 9PM. You will be able to tune in here HGBroadcasting

(CCM) Let’s start by where were you born and raised? Where do you hang your hat now?

(JB) I was born and raised in Elgin New Brunswick. I now live in Salisbury New Brunswick.

(CCM) What instruments do you play? Which ones do you wish you could play?

(JB) I mainly play guitar. But I have played around with mandolin and banjo some.

(CCM) How do you approach song writing?

(JB) When I approach song writing I really have to be into what I’m writing about. So if anything else is going on I try to channel all of that into song writing.

(CCM) Tell us about a time that was really embarrassing on stage if you have any. If you did, also tell us how you overcame it.  

(JB) I can’t think of anytime I’ve been embarrassed on stage.

1959578_10154052865925413_561516072_n(CCM) What concert did you see that was the most memorable and why?

(JB) I have two. The first concert I ever saw was George Jones I was enthralled. The second most memorable concert I’ve been to was George Straits Cowboy Rides Away Tour. I loved that concert because George Strait is my favourite singer.

(CCM) Do you have a day job? If so what is it that you do?

(JB) I do have a day job. I am a school teacher.

(CCM)  What do you do first thing when you get up in the morning?

(JB) In the summer time I get up and get ready to go horseback riding. In the winter time I get up and get ready for work lol.

(CCM) Where is the most interesting place you have ever traveled to and where would you like to visit someday that you have not been to yet?

(JB) The most interesting place I have ever visited would have to be Alberta. So much history there and of course horses.  Someday I would like to visit Scotland, Ireland or Holland.

(CCM) How did you get into music?

(JB) I got into music several different ways. My older brother played guitar and of course I wanted to as well. My grandparents also had a record player at their house and since I was there everyday I loved to sit down and listen to Red Sovine on the record player.

(CCM) Who are your major influences?

(JB) My major influences are George Jones, George Strait, Alan Jackson, Merle Haggard

(CCM) Tell us why you chose to move into the area of music professionally

(JB) I’m not sure you could call me professional. I love playing music and seeing all the emotions on peoples faces. I have fun with it.

(CCM) What makes You tick?

(JB) I think just listening to music everyday makes me tick. Also just getting on a horse and going for a long ride helps clear my head and take the everyday stress away.

(CCM) What would your fans be surprised to know about you?

(JB) I don’t really know.

(CCM) What is the biggest life lesson that you have learned in music, and in life, that you believe would be valuable wisdom to share with other artists?

Determination is the biggest factor. It could be as simple as not making the right chord or not hitting the right note. But if you work hard enough at it you’ll get it. I think you can apply that to life as well. It’s not always easy but sometimes you just have to grin and bear it.


(CCM) Do you have any tours coming up?

(JB) No tours. But I do have a concert coming up September 16, 2017 it will be at the Albert County Fair in Riverside Albert.

(CCM) How do people discover your music?

(JB) The easiest way is to go to my Facebook page Justin Bannister Music



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