Top 40 Performance Chart July 2017

Hidden Gems Broadcasting
1. HEMP-And then you Marry One
2. Free To Grow -Hipster
3. Uforia- Is Anybody Living
4. Carla Bonnell- Distant Thunder 
5. Adam Baxter- This is Love
6. Free To Grow- End of the World
7. HEMP The Fiddle Head Song
8. Slainthe Mhath- Annie
9. Steve Hickman- I wanna be that man
10. Tomato Tomato- Toss it all away
11. Free To Grow- Disbelief
12. Renita Zentil- Beautiful Mess
13. Lana White-Reckoning
14. Midnight Shine- Sister love
15. Rik Reese- Momma Raised a Good Boy
16. Carla Bonnell- The Kitchen Party
17. Stephen Lawrence- Make You Believe
18. Dwayne Ferris- Black Gold (Alberta Bound)
19. JP Cormier -House of Plywood
20. Kim Doolittle- Just don’t work like that
21. Paul Wiggins- No Fun Being White
22. Eloie Richard-Middle of the Night
23. Jens Jeppsen- No Aces
24. Carla Bonnell- The Last Train
25. Hidden Roots Someday
26. Kenny J -Don’t Be Afraid
27. Angel Leigh Fox- Good Times
28. Adam Baxter- Coming back for ya
29. Dawn Ellis- Atlantic Ocean
30. Blind Dog -Tall or Alone
31. Lana White- Unbreak
32. Stephen Lawrence- Gone
33. Stephen Lawrence- Breathe
34. Stephen Lawrence- Learn to Love Again
35. Angel Leigh Fox- Look There’s Love
36. Tim Edey –Down where the River
37. Rik Reese –All for me
38. Esther Pennell- Sisters
39. Hidden Roots Collective- Jump Right In
40. Carla Bonnell- Two Little Towns


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