Montreal’s Julie Curly on HGB



(CCM) Let’s start by where were you born and raised? Where do you hang your hat now?

JC: I was born an raised in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and still live there. I just love this city. Having travelled a lot in my older teens, I love the openness of mind in Montreal, the diversity.

(CCM) What instruments do you play? Which ones do you wish you could play?

JC: I began music by learning guitar and I do play a little mandolin, harmonica and piano, BUT I wish I could play all of them better! My main instrument and the one I master is singing. I’ve been training my vocal chords for more than 16 years now, so I consider singing an instrument even if I don’t have to buy my vocal chords to the music store!

(CCM) How do you approach song writing?

JC: First, writing songs is for me a way to express myself, an extension of who I am and the message I want to tell others. Expressing myself through song writing is a way to show my vision of the world and externalize my feelings. A gift for myself and others.

(CCM) Tell us about a time that was really embarrassing on stage if you have any. If you did, also tell us how you overcame it.

JC: A couple of years ago, I had this show with my cover band…It was in winter, -30 Quebec winter. The show was taking place in a tent, but it was freezing, because the heating system was broken….So there I was singing with my big winter coat (embarrassing enough)and my leg happened to fall in a hole there was on stage… My bandmate took me out of it…. But you know, I’ve remain professional and never stoped singing…I was singing « Hit me with your best shot » by Pat Benatar…Ironic enough, my ego was hit big shot;)

(CCM) If you weren’t playing music what else would you be doing?

JC: I happen to have the chance to do what I love. I work in communications, write a lot, I’m a journalist, film critic and film teacher. To me writing, teaching, cinema and music is an interrelated whole in my life.


 (CCM) What concert did you see that was the most memorable and why?

JC: This is a tough question… Seeing Aretha Franklin on stage (at 70 years of age) was amazing; a vocal tornado, a strong women. I interviewed Melissa Etheridge and then seen her onstage, a couple of days later: she’s so authentic and generous in interview and on stage with the crowd. Same for Joss Stone. Amazingly authentic woman…Oh, and I fell in love with Katie Melua every time I see her onstage….

(CCM) Do you have a day job? If so what is it that you do?

JC: I own a master in film studies, and I have been fortunate enough to teach and write about cinema. Right now, I’m a journalist, a film critic and I director of communications for an LGBT non-profit organization.

(CCM)  What do you do first thing when you get up in the morning?

JC: I drink a big glass of water. And then go pee. We’re all humans right?

(CCM) Where is the most interesting place you have ever traveled to and where would you like to visit someday that you have not been to yet?

JC: One year ago, I was dreaming of visiting California (this has been a long dream of mine since my teens.) I’ve visited L.A. last year, and it was amazing! So…I would love to see New Zealand one day, but seems so far away…. At 19, I’ve toured Western Europe with a friend: France, Italy, Austria, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Great-Britain, Portugal, Spain…A memorable trip, I was so young then. It opened up my mind big time!

 (CCM) How did you get into music?

JC: At 17, while taking guitar lessons, I discovered my voice! Since then, my guitar is taking dust on her shoulders!

 (CCM) Who are your major influences?

JC: The Beatles. John Lennon. Janis Joplin. Aretha Franklin. All the 60’s and 70’s artists who preach authenticity and liberty. On the contemporary side, I’m a big fan of Jewel, Joss Stone and Katie Melua.

 (CCM) Tell us why you chose to move into the area of music professionally

JC: I’ve decided to produce my two last albums, to give me a way to express my voice on stage, to express my thoughts and feelings. I do have something to say… for me Art is all about that: finding our own unique way to tell your vision of the world, bring peace to this world, tell a  message, bring people to think about their own life, or simply entertain them, bring joy to their heart and soul.

 (CCM) What would your fans be surprised to know about you?

I was born prematurely, weight 2 lbs (yeah I know I’m way bigger now;) and the doctor told I was dead… I relate this story in the song « Can you imagine? (The Killing of John Lennon).

(CCM) What is the biggest life lesson that you have learned in music, and in life, that you believe would be valuable wisdom to share with other artists?

JC: Music is all about collaborations with other musicians, it’s an exchange of our feelings and energy as human beings. Like in all human relationships, we grow through time, music grow with us, some collaborations ends and new ones began. It took me some time to understand and realize this, but as we change as human being in life, music collaborations changes too. It’s not a fixed thing, we all evolved with time, music and collaborations too. And it’s for the good! Changes make us grow, make us think about our lives, make us learn. And we should never stop learning, because for me it’s what life is all about.

(CCM) Is there anything else that you can share with us that we haven’t touched on today?

JC:Since June 2017, our second album Flower Power Soul, partially funded by FACTOR, is available on iTunes and also as a physical version (Yes, I still believe in CD’s!) on our website. Thanks to those who took part in it and I would love to mention their work, so here are the credits! All songs written by Julie Curly (lyrics) and Gilbert Cantin (music) except Redemption Song and Can you imagine, music written by Monique Dumas. Vocals: Julie Curly, Bass/Guitar: Gilbert Cantin, Keyboards & arrangements: Jean-Yves Cardin, Drums: Robert Massé. Mixing: Gilbert Cantin, except Silk Stocking District (Benoit Labelle). Silk Stocking District feature Didier Renaud (bass) and Sylvain Beaudoin (acoustic guitar). Mastering: Harris Newman, Grey Market Mastering (Montréal). Cover artwork: Jean-Charles Marier. Photography: Claudia Grégoire.

Also I’m proud to share the lyric video for the song Diversity (Lyrics: Julie Curly / Music: Clodius Sallin). This is the song we submitted to represent Swiss at Eurovision Song Contest 2018! Share with pride!

(CCM) Do you have any tours coming up?

JC: I’ll be touring Ontario for the RiseUpTv at the beginning of the summer, but before that will also play in January and March for two great shows in Québec.

(CCM) How do people discover your music?

JC: There is everything on my website:

Connect on Facebook:

Buy our music on iTunes:

Listen on Spotify:

Watch videos on YouTube:

(CCM) How did you find out about HGB? Would you recommend this radio station to others? If so why?

JC: I found out about HGB through my manager Rosner Management Services. Hidden Gems Broadcasting is giving you the best of indie music in many styles with a great host! Listen carefully, you could find some gems for sure!

HGB Has Cool News!

We are so excited at HGB right now to let you in on the fact that we are designing a whole new look and listening experience. We have moved our servers to a new host and are no longer having down times.  Our new webpage is currently being designed so that you can now listen to us through the page at Hidden Gems Broadcasting

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Two fun event have been captured and hear the wonderful music of a few artists that have never been on the airwaves until now. Also two amazing hosts held the funnest night of my life. Mr. David Ivany and Mr. James Ward, we have a surprise for these two amazing hosts at the Hollywood Star Room 🙂

A birthday surprise for someone special in this DJ’s life and much more.

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We are excited to tell you also that we have a new show coming on board soon. You won’t want to miss this one. More details will be released as we get closer to the date. But we can tell you this! Its coming to you out of Dartmouth/Halifax NS and will have you entertained and in stitches!

Julie Curly will be Carla’s guest Thursday night at 9PM Atlantic on Carla’s Country Mile. Stay tuned for a pre-interview with Julie coming on the blog in the next few hours!


” Warning: Its Catching!”

When the Poetic Becomes Contagious!

Let the Interview Begin with El-Sharieff (Captain Kirkman)

Listen to the Live On Air Interview October 26 at 8pm est on Carla’s Country Mile


(CCM) Let’s start by where were you born and raised? Where do you hang your hat now?

(PC) I was born in Brooklyn, New York City, and I grew up in Brownsville, Brooklyn, New  York City.  I will “always” rep where I’m from, I am a New Yorker, loving Yankees, lol, but right now I am in Binghamton, NY.

(CCM) How did you come up with the band name ?

(PC) The name “Poetically Contagious” came from a discussion with a “very” talented poet/writer by the name of Rahmel “Thee Azure One” Mc Nare, who I toured with for a short stint, doing poetry shows, back in 2009/2010.  During the conversation it was brought up, how we are “Poetically Contagious,” and then we decided that we should just keep that as an official name.  And since I was a song writer, writing songs for some really talented singers, I decided to make it even more official by making that the name of our record label.

(CCM) How many full time members are in your group?

(PC) At the moment, there are 5 official members (Song writers/recording artist) at Poetically Contagious Records, LLC, but more are on the way.

(CCM) How did your band get its start?

(PC) The night before one of my big poetry shows/plays, with “Thee Azure One,” I met up with a very talented model (I feel bad that I can’t remember her name at the moment, but if she’s reading this, I apologize for forgetting your name, lol), to talk about her, and some of her model friends, performing at the show.  And while I sat with her to go over the script, and where she, and the other models would enter/walk across the stage, she noticed, in one of the sections of the script, that there was a part in the play where the “legendary” Michael Jackson would be talked about, and that’s when she mentioned that one of the models that she worked with, danced “a lot” like MJ.  So, since it was less than 24 hours before the show, I told her to point him out.  She pointed him out, he started dancing, “and I loved it,” so we agreed that he would perform in the show.  That next night at the show, when he started dancing, he got a standing ovation, so after the show, back stage, I asked him if he would perform at our next show, and this is where he informed me that he could do more than dance at our shows – he said that he could sing as well – so I asked him to sing right there, and he sung Michael Jackson’s “I want to rock with you” – and did an AMAZING job.  After that next show I introduced him (his name is Jason “J-1,2” Gutierrez) to a music producer that I knew, and we started recording songs that I had written; starting with the song “Inspired into Stardom” – And from there, “Poetically Contagious was born.”


(CCM) What instruments do you all play? Which ones do you wish you could play or incorporate?

(PC) I play the piano/keyboard, but I am still a beginner, so I have a lot of growing to do, lol!  I want to learn how to play the guitar too (Ever since I saw the movie “La Bamba” as a kid, and seen the way Lou Diamond Phillips (As he portrayed Richie Valens) played the guitar, I fell in love with what a person could do with a guitar).

(CCM) How do you approach song writing? 

(PC) My answer to this varies; I am a natural writer, so I carry a pen and paper around with me wherever I go, just in case an idea for a book, poem, or song, pops in my mind.  But as far as setting aside times to write, whether by myself, with the artist at my label, or with other artist I work with, if I/we’re working on a Hip-Hop song “I have to” listen to “It ain’t hard to tell” by Nas, before my pen hits the paper.  If I/we’re working on a Pop or R&B song, I have to listen to 1. “This woman’s work” by Maxwell, 2. “Fortunate” by Maxwell, 3. “Get up on it” by Keith Sweat ft. Kut Klose, 4. “Love you 4 Life” by Jodeci, 5. “Always on my mind” by SWV, 6. “Why I love you so much” by Monica, 7. “Candy Rain” by Soul For Real, 8. “I gotta be” by Jagged Edge, 9. “Never make a promise” by Dru Hill, or 10. “Tell Me” by Groove Theory.  I have a few I-Pods that I carry around, and all eleven of these songs, are on each of them because they continually give me GREAT inspiration.

(CCM) Tell us about a time that was really embarrassing on stage if you have any. If you did, also tell us how you overcame it.  

(PC) I am one of those people who, even though I am extremely confident in my abilities, I am naturally shy, so sometimes when I perform, even though I don’t have an embarrassing moment, I can say that when I’m on stage, I sometimes wear shades to cover my eyes if I feel that during that particular performance, the sadness in my eyes, will kill my performance.

(CCM) What was the coolest thing that has ever happened to between a fan and yourselves?

(PC) When my first book (“Thoughts of a Beautiful Mind”) was released, and I was at one of my first book signings, at Binghamton University, back in 2010, this VERY beautiful, female, freshman, student, told me how much she was touched by different parts of my book.  But what really hit a note in me, with her, is at that moment, we looked each other in the eyes, and her eyes watered up along with mine.  That moment left an extremely positive imprint on my heart, that at that particular moment, I really needed.  It was surreal – That moment changed my life…

 (CCM) How do you describe success, particularly in aspirations with music?

(PC) With “Poetically Contagious,” success is touching more hearts and minds (In a positive way) than I, or anyone at my label, could imagine.

(CCM) If you weren’t playing music what else would you be doing?

(PC) Creating other forms of art, that could put a smile on someone’s face, touch their heart – Inspire them.

(CCM) What concert did you see that was the most memorable and why?

(PC) Michael Jackson’s 1993 Super Bowl performance.  It was unreal!  Spectacular!  In that performance alone, one could see EXACTLY what it means to perfect your craft (Whatever that may be).

(CCM) What do you do first thing when you get up in the morning?

(PC) Write down whatever dream I had the previous night, and try and see, at a later time, what music, poems, or books, that I could create from it.

(CCM) Where is the most interesting place you have ever traveled to and where would you like to visit someday that you have not been to yet?

(PC) “I love Chicago” – When I went there as a kid for a few weeks, “I had the time of my life.”  I really want to visit Hawaii.  Everyone that I have met, that has been there, says that it is one of the most beautiful places on the planet.

(CCM) Who are your major influences?

(PC) Ray “Lil Dice” Alvarez, Shardkeith, John White, Margo Moore, Walter Johnson, Miguel Meija, and Michael Gilbert

(CCM) Tell us why you chose to move into the area of music professionally?

(PC) It wasn’t planned, it was one of those things that sort of happened by chance meetings, and coincidences.  I just like to inspire people through my art (In large part, through my writings), and when the opportunity to get involved in music arose, I just went along with it, and then just let it flow.

(CCM) What would your fans be surprised to know about you?

(PC) That my first love is football, and my second love is “The New York Yankees” – Ha ha ha

(CCM) What is the biggest life lesson that you have learned in music, and in life, that you believe would be valuable wisdom to share with other artists?

(PC) If you don’t mind, I would like to give 2 lessons that I have learned, from both music, and from the life that I have lived so far, and that is 1. Universally, the most important thing in life is “Self-Respect.”  No matter what one does, where they do it, or how they do it, if they do not respect their self, in that moment, they have failed themselves.  And 2. Don’t waste, nor undervalue, “time,” because once it is gone, that (or those) moment(s) you will never get back.

(CCM) Do you have any tours coming up?

(PC) Yes!  Next year, Spring 2018, “Poetically Contagious” will be taking part in “The Rise Up Tour” in Canada.  We’re extremely excited about it.  It will be our first tour outside of the U.S.A.

(CCM) How do people discover your music?

(PC) We’re on twitter at , we’re on Facebook at , we have music videos on Youtube, such as our “Top 40 song” – Toss him Aside.  We also have music on Tidal, I-Tunes, and Amazon mp3, but for those people who want to feel the impact of “Poetically Contagious” up close, catch us on “The Rise up Tour,” next Spring in Canada – That’s going to be something to remember.

(CCM) How did you find out about HGB? Would you recommend this radio station to others? If so why?

(PC) I found out about HGB, through our Management team – Rosner Management.  And I would definitely recommend you guys, you are on top of all of the artist that “Have a match on the fuse, and are about to explode!” 


Meet our Amazing Sponsors: Higher Living Wellness Center!

Heidi Chartrand, owner and operator of Higher Living Wellness Center gave us an personal interview! We will be having Heidi on Carla’s Country Mile so stay tuned for times. Make sure you head over to their Facebook page and give them a like, check out their amazing articles, and inquire about their services. You don’t even have live in Dartmouth NS to benefit from this awesome community business!

Official Hidden Gems Broadcasting Sponsor

(CCM) What is behind the concept of your business Higher Living Wellness Center?

(HC) Medical patients need access to resources of all kinds. Whether it is finding a compassionate doctor, strain consultations, educational classes, therapeutic treatments such as massage or just a safe place to use their medication. There is a significant lack of resources for those things locally when it comes to being cannabis related so we wanted to step in and fill that void 

(CCM) How did you become interested in providing this service?

(HC) As a medical patient myself I quickly realized there were a lack of places to go and obtain information about cannabis. Many people naturally came to me because of massage therapy and then mortgage brokering with questions about cannabis once I came out of the cannabis closet.  There was a HUGE void that needed to be filled so we stepped up to the plate

(CCM) What services do you provide?

(HC) We offer a retail store that is open to the general public which consists of papers, bongs, clothing etc. Our lounge is exclusively for patients and in the lounge we offer various types of classes. These classes range from cooking to growing to body energy and meditation. We have doctors available for Skype consultations to help people obtain their medical licences. We also offer safe medication services for patients only as well as consultations for specific conditions.

(CCM) Of all the services you provide which one seems to be the most popular with your clients?

(HC) Most definitely the consultations, safe medication services and use of the lounge


(CCM) How long has HLWC been active in Dartmouth?

(HC) It was a year in July

(CCM) How many employees do you have?

(HC) I have myself and one staff member but have several volunteers that help keep the place running

(CCM) How involved are you as the business owner in the day to day activities of the business?

(HC) I am very involved with the business. It is my baby, I need to make sure it is raised right!

(CCM) Have you been in business before HLWC?

(HC) If so what is it that you have done? Yes I have had a massage therapy business since 2005 and was also a mortgage broker for 5 years.

(CCM) What are you plans in the upcoming year for HWLC?

(HC) We are expanding to the valley so that is pretty awesome…we would also like to continue the BUD CRAWL and the High C’s Puffin Adventure as our yearly events

(CCM) Can you tell us what “a day in the life” of the owners looks like? Take us through your day. 

(HC) OMG…each day varies greatly but typically starts with checking emails, fb messages, instagram etc….store opens at 9am so by 10 I have checked in with the staff and volunteers to see how things are going and if they need things for the store. From there we go on the hunt for cool new inventory to bring into the store and make our way there. The days are typically jam packed with meetings…some scheduled some are just drop ins….there is always a patient that is looking to reach out to talk to me about something. It is usually personal problems and strain consultations. We do a LOT of educating at our place. Lots of new patients have no idea what to do once they get their licence for medical cannabis. We spend a great deal of time connecting patients with doctors and helping them sign up with licenced producers or submitting forms to health canada to grow their own meds

(CCM) What is unique about your business that isn’t replicated by any other?

(HC) Presently there aren’t any other stores here in NS that are offering a COMPLETE cannabis wellness option where you can incorporate your meds into your therapeutic treatments. We also offer a VERY community based lounge where patients can volunteer to teach classes to help out their fellow community members. 

(CCM) What are the biggest challenges you have in your business?

(HC) The biggest challenges are avoiding raids and government shut downs. With the upcoming legalization they are trying to close down the places like ours to make room for government run stores.

(CCM) What has been your greatest successes in your estimation?

(HC) Our greatest success was over coming the harsh harassment we suffered while in our Sackville location. We were only open for a month and a half there before the veterinarian beside us forced the landlord to lock us out, hold our belongings hostage and have to start all over again from scratch. It was a HUGE financial burden for us where we had just opened and hadn’t recouped the initial funds we had put into the place. We kept in contact with many of our patients and provided them with the best services possible while being mobile. Thankfully we found Rob, our amazing landlord in Dartmouth who welcomed us with open arms.

(CCM) There tends to be a high level of entrepreneurial spirit in the Maritimes due to the type of economy that exists here, what advise can you give others about starting a business project?

(HC) DO IT!!!! There is LOTS of ways to get support from various levels of government and I am sure they will open up more to cannabis related businesses over the years. I have always worked for myself since graduating and it is incredibly rewarding. Yeah it sucks you dont get paid vacations and essentially work many more hours than the typical 9-5 but for me personally it is very much worth it not to have to answer to someone else all day long!

Field trip on the Waters with Higher Living Wellness Center

(CCM) How do you keep a balance between a busy business life and your personal life?

(HC)  The BEST thing about this business is that there is huge crossover with my personal life. Many of my dearest friends are also patients too so I really get the best of both worlds. The community for the most part is supportive of other stores and we try to work together as much as possible. 

(CCM) What has changed for HLWC since coming on board as a sponsor of HGB?

(HC) We LOVE having Hippy Lloyd & Lil P come to our lounge on Monday mornings for “Hang Over Mondays” and sometimes we even get to host them for the “Fried-Eh” show and on occasion the evening one on Friday but I forget what that one is called #oops We got to meet some really awesome people along the way too! Shout out for Cat & Mad Mike 😉

Hippy Lloyd and L’il P Live at Higher Living Wellness Center, Dartmouth, NS. 

(CCM) How did you come to hear about HGB?

(HC) There is a wild haired hippy that was hanging out at our place that kept saying all these really nice things about HGB…..kept talking to us about this radio show he wanted to do and asked if we wanted to be a part of it….how can anyone say no to Hippy Lloyd?!

(CCM) Would you recommend HGB to other business owners? If so why?

(HC) Sure would! We have had a lot of really great exposure with HGB and I heard the servers blew due to ALL THE LISTENERS!!! Plus like I said before, we got to meet some super awesome people. So happy we can be part of the HGB family!



We are pretty darn happy to be a part of the Higher Living family too! Support Your Local Businesses! Give them a like and go on down and visit them 

219 Wyse Road
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
Call (902) 406-2396
Offering Massage Therapy, Cannabis Education Consultations & more

Bree Taylor is Just What You’re Looking For!


Carla’s Country Mile is very excited that Bree Taylor, an upcoming artist in the Greater Toronto area, will be joining us for a live interview Thursday night 9PM Atlantic Time Zone. You will be the first to hear her new single! Here is a little bit on Bree. More to come on the show!


(CCM) Let’s start by where were you born and raised? Where do you hang your hat now?

(BREE) I was born and raised in the Toronto area my entire life. We moved around the city a lot growing up but we were always in the GTA. I currently live in the outskirts of Toronto but am living on my own.

(CCM) What instruments do you play? Which ones do you wish you could play?

(BREE) I play a bit of piano and guitar but not very well. I really wish I had spent more time over the past several years keeping up my abilities better though because I love to play – I just wish I played well haha. I did play flute back in school and I have always wanted to play the violin!

(CCM) How do you approach song writing? 

(BREE) I approach songwriting from my emotions and things that I or those close to me, have gone through. I find it difficult to write something that isn’t personal or at least close to my heart in some way. I usually sit at my piano and play chords and just let the words and feelings hit me and from there the music flows and the songs come together. Other times I have written a song with a story or concept in mind that either I or someone close to me has gone through and create from there. I have also co-written and collaborated with other artists or producers in order to develop a really cool song as well but again the concept or story in the song comes from the heart 9/10 times.

(CCM) Tell us about a time that was really embarrassing on stage if you have any. If you did, also tell us how you overcame it.  

(BREE) Honestly, I don’t really have any embarrassing stories on stage. I always come to life on stage and love performing and I try to embrace every moment!

(CCM) If you weren’t playing music what else would you be doing? 

(BREE) I honestly can’t see myself doing anything but entertainment. However, I love psychology! I really would love to be have been a life coach or counsellor. I also went to University for Media Studies with a specialization in Public Relations so I would most likely be working in either of those two fields.

 (CCM) What concert did you see that was the most memorable and why?

(BREE) I would have to say Shania Twain because I grew up listening to her as a kid and just love her and her music. I have so many good memories of my life and childhood listening to her music and she inspired me so much musically when I was growing up. My mom and I saw her in concert a couple years ago and it was truly amazing to see her on stage and performing the music I grew up loving so much. It was also great to experience to share with my Mom since Shania was an artist that we often listened to together.

(CCM) Do you have a day job? If so what is it that you do?

(BREE) I do! I work in an optometry office as an optometric assistant and receptionist. I am also a YouTuber and have my own online business on making planner stickers.

(CCM)  What do you do first thing when you get up in the morning?

(BREE) First thing in the morning I cuddle with my pup Aria and then make myself a coffee. I can’t start my day without a coffee!

(CCM) Where is the most interesting place you have ever traveled to and where would you like to visit someday that you have not been to yet?

(BREE) I traveled to Europe for 10 days when I was in High School. I went to Rome, Paris and London and LOVED it! I want to go back so badly and experience it again now that I am older and can appreciate it differently. I would love to travel to Bali and Thailand and Australia – those are some of my top places I want to see.

(CCM) How did you get into music?

(BREE) I was brought into this world to music – literally. My Dad had a mix tape he played in the delivery room when I was born so I feel like music was something I was born to do. My Dad has always been a huge music fan and he was always introducing me to new artists when I was growing up and we always had music playing. I listen to every genre of music thanks to my Dad! I would take his old albums like The Eagles, ACDC, Elton John etc. and listen to them in my CD Walkman. I feel like music is in my veins and does something magical to me when I listen to it no matter which artist or genre. Creating music is an even more unreal and magical experience that I feel so blessed to be able to be doing.

(CCM) Who are your major influences?

(BREE) I have SO many musical influences. I grew up listening to literally everything from Elton John, The Eagles, Stevie Nicks, ABBA, Shania Twain, Amanda Marshall to Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, The Dixie Chicks, Michelle Branch…the list goes on. I love music. I love so many artists and get inspired by so many current artists out there as well as the oldies that I can’t help but go back to time and time again. I could really go on forever!

(CCM) Tell us why you chose to move into the area of music professionally?

(BREE) I don’t think it was a choice – I feel like it was something I was destined for. It’s something I have always wanted since I was really little, so I always saw myself pursuing this and making it a reality in some way. What made me really take music seriously and move forward towards my career was losing a close friend. He died suddenly in a car accident and was gone in an instant. Losing him and losing someone so close to me so suddenly really put life into perspective, made me realize how short life can be and to stop taking it for granted. He had always supported me and my music and after he died, his death just opened my eyes and made me realize that I was procrastinating too much and making too many excuses for myself. I decided in that moment that it was now or never and that I needed to give this 100% if I really wanted to make my lifelong dream a reality. I have been going non-stop ever since and won’t until I get there. It was a horrible experience losing someone so close so suddenly but it really changed me and I know he is looking out for me in heaven and helping me on this journey.

(CCM) What makes You tick?

(BREE) People who are disloyal.

(CCM) What would your fans be surprised to know about you?

(BREE) Well I am pretty transparent with my fans but I think they would be surprised to know that I am a writer in more ways than just music. I grew up writing stories and novels and even FanFiction’s to my favourite book series. I LOVE writing and being creative and getting lost in another world so I have so many ideas in my head for novels that I have written down or started over the years that hopefully one day I can sit down and finish and hopefully get published.

(CCM) What is the biggest life lesson that you have learned in music, and in life, that you believe would be valuable wisdom to share with other artists?

(BREE) The biggest life lesson I have learned is that life is too short to waste your time on things and people that don’t matter. Focus on YOU and the positive people around you and don’t let the small things bring you down or deter you from your dreams. Keep going no matter what! Fight those voices in your head telling you that you can’t or you aren’t good enough because they’re wrong. You are your biggest fan and strongest support and if you persevere and work hard you will get where you want to go against all odds. Be positive and be happy and you will go far and live a happy life 🙂

(CCM) Is there anything else that you can share with us that we haven’t touched on today?

(BREE) Yes! My new single “What You’re Looking For” comes out October 13th and the music video will be out early November. I can’t wait for everyone to hear this song and think everyone can connect to it in some way.

(CCM) Do you have any tours coming up?

(BREE) I don’t have any tours currently but will be performing a lot next spring/summer for sure. I post all performance updates on my website –

(CCM) How do people discover your music?

(BREE) They can check it out on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Soundcloud etc! I also have my songs out on YouTube with music videos at

(CCM) How did you find out about HGB? Would you recommend this radio station to others? If so why?

(BREE) I found out about HGB through Carla. I would definitely recommend this radio station to others – they play great music especially indie artists who are upcoming and undiscovered and give fans an opportunity to connect with the artists in a more personal way.


Meet Taw Connors- Canadian Singer Songwriter, Son of Stompin Tom Connors


Carla’s Country Mile has had the privilege to have this initial written interview with Taw Connors. We will be speaking to him LIVE on Carla’s Country Mile on September 21st on the air .   The show starts at 9PM Atlantic Time. We start the interview after 9PM to give people a chance to tune in. Here is what Taw had to say in our short blog interview. 

(CCM) Tell us a little about yourself. We know that you are the son of Stompin Tom Connors, a Canadian icon in music. But who is Taw Connors aside from his son?

(TC) Yes I’m the son of Stompin’ Tom Connors, I’m also a family man, Married with 2 children. Following my father’s footsteps has always been one of my dreams. I also enjoy writing songs and playing guitar. I live in Greenstone, Ontario and I have worked many jobs over the years to support my family. I also enjoy the odd Moosehead beer and I’m a hacker in Golf

(CCM) When did you begin to tour full time? Have you been to the east Coast of Canada yet? Are there any plans of a tour out this way?

(TC) I only began touring in September 2016. I have not toured in the East  Coast yet, but I plan to tour there in 2018 or 2019 depending on the  booking calls I receive. I’m starting to take bookings calls or Emails  in November to plan the 2018  37-Song and Story tribute tour. I can be  reached at for information or bookings.

(CCM) How has the industry changed from your father’s time until now? What  changes good and not so good have you witnessed or experienced?

(TC) I will try and give you an answer for this, but I have just started in One of the positive changes are with social media for  advertising and promotion from the fans themselves, The news can travel much faster. As for the negative I would have to say the cost  of traveling expenses and the cost of living expenses in regards to  the ratio of the pay, because everything is so expensive.

(CCM) Did you ever play publicly with your father when he was active in the scene? If so, can you share some of your favorite memories of those times?

(TC) No I never had the opportunity to play with my father publicly.

(CCM) How do you approach song writing?

(TC) Sometimes it’s the lyrics that comes first, and other times it’s the melody, but once the idea comes for a song, if you can, it’s better to  try and complete it in the moment if possible, because it’s not always  possible.

(CCM) As a song writer myself, I often will include a couple  of Stompin Tom songs in my sets. I feel it important that we remember  what he gave all of us as listeners and aspiring artists. What are  some of your favorite songs that your dad wrote and how did they touch you?

(TC) In my mind and heart I feel my father had a Destiny and Remembering my  father and his Legacy is one of the reasons I’m doing this tour. Well I’m also a huge fan like most of us are in our country.  It’s very hard for me to pick a favorite song because I enjoy most of  all of his songs, and just when I think I found my favorite song of  his, here comes another one of his songs. I like pretty well  everything about my fathers songs , but what I like best is why he  sang about his country and his people.

(CCM) We will be having an special on air interview in the coming weeks so I will save some questions for that time. But in closing for today, where will you be touring in the next 4 weeks? Where can folks see you?

(TC) These are the remaining tour dates and places so far up to this point for 2017.

Henzall Ontario on Saturday Sept 23.

Fort Frances Ontario, Couchiching 1st Nation on Sept.

Erin Ontario on Monday October 09.



Local Musician Justin Bannister on HGB

Justin will be live on the air Carla’s Country Mile Thursday September 14th. Show starts at 9PM. You will be able to tune in here HGBroadcasting

(CCM) Let’s start by where were you born and raised? Where do you hang your hat now?

(JB) I was born and raised in Elgin New Brunswick. I now live in Salisbury New Brunswick.

(CCM) What instruments do you play? Which ones do you wish you could play?

(JB) I mainly play guitar. But I have played around with mandolin and banjo some.

(CCM) How do you approach song writing?

(JB) When I approach song writing I really have to be into what I’m writing about. So if anything else is going on I try to channel all of that into song writing.

(CCM) Tell us about a time that was really embarrassing on stage if you have any. If you did, also tell us how you overcame it.  

(JB) I can’t think of anytime I’ve been embarrassed on stage.

1959578_10154052865925413_561516072_n(CCM) What concert did you see that was the most memorable and why?

(JB) I have two. The first concert I ever saw was George Jones I was enthralled. The second most memorable concert I’ve been to was George Straits Cowboy Rides Away Tour. I loved that concert because George Strait is my favourite singer.

(CCM) Do you have a day job? If so what is it that you do?

(JB) I do have a day job. I am a school teacher.

(CCM)  What do you do first thing when you get up in the morning?

(JB) In the summer time I get up and get ready to go horseback riding. In the winter time I get up and get ready for work lol.

(CCM) Where is the most interesting place you have ever traveled to and where would you like to visit someday that you have not been to yet?

(JB) The most interesting place I have ever visited would have to be Alberta. So much history there and of course horses.  Someday I would like to visit Scotland, Ireland or Holland.

(CCM) How did you get into music?

(JB) I got into music several different ways. My older brother played guitar and of course I wanted to as well. My grandparents also had a record player at their house and since I was there everyday I loved to sit down and listen to Red Sovine on the record player.

(CCM) Who are your major influences?

(JB) My major influences are George Jones, George Strait, Alan Jackson, Merle Haggard

(CCM) Tell us why you chose to move into the area of music professionally

(JB) I’m not sure you could call me professional. I love playing music and seeing all the emotions on peoples faces. I have fun with it.

(CCM) What makes You tick?

(JB) I think just listening to music everyday makes me tick. Also just getting on a horse and going for a long ride helps clear my head and take the everyday stress away.

(CCM) What would your fans be surprised to know about you?

(JB) I don’t really know.

(CCM) What is the biggest life lesson that you have learned in music, and in life, that you believe would be valuable wisdom to share with other artists?

Determination is the biggest factor. It could be as simple as not making the right chord or not hitting the right note. But if you work hard enough at it you’ll get it. I think you can apply that to life as well. It’s not always easy but sometimes you just have to grin and bear it.


(CCM) Do you have any tours coming up?

(JB) No tours. But I do have a concert coming up September 16, 2017 it will be at the Albert County Fair in Riverside Albert.

(CCM) How do people discover your music?

(JB) The easiest way is to go to my Facebook page Justin Bannister Music


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